ENGINEERING Water Sewerage

Preliminary Design and Detailed Design for Wastewater Treatment Plan in Dream-Tech General Industrial Complex in Pyeongteak

ClientDream Tech Development., Co. Ltd


LocationPyeongtaek, Korea

Scale Connection to Hansan and Eoyeon industrial wastewater treatment plant(Q= 2,750㎥/day)
Construction of industrial wastewater treatment plant(Q= 1,300㎥/day)

The project involves the design of a sewage terminal treatment facility with a capacity of 1,300 cubic meters per day to address the wastewater generated by the Dreamtech General Industrial Complex development in Pyeongtaek City. To accommodate wastewater exceeding the facility's capacity, a linkage to the existing Aeyeon-Hansan wastewater terminal treatment facility, with a capacity of 2,750 cubic meters per day, has been established. The project aims to optimize the treatment of wastewater generated by the industrial complex and includes the design of basic and implementation facilities, as well as various permits and approvals.

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